Erica Brooks

Born into a beautiful and loving Greek family . We moved to the United States from Greece in the 80's when I was a youthful teenager.  I got my B.Sc Arts in 1992 from the University of San Diego. After working closely with various renowned artists of our time and various Art Galleries and exhibitions, I started Astrogenix Collections in 2001

Creativity, love, sex, birth, humor, conflict, survival, joy, despair, longing, art, mortality, nature, the appetites and various forms of development. My art is about experiment and discovery and it involves many aspects of human nature, life and the human condition. I'm privileged to be very successful

In my work I use paint, found images, photographs, altered objects and other collaged elements. For me this creates an ongoing interest in the connections, contrasts and interplay that can occur during the evolution of the piece as new relationships between the elements emerge. I want my work to reflect the physical and psychological processes involved in the development.

I don't want art to be predictable, I want to develop and make things I've never seen before. The work sometimes wants to go off on a tangent so I just let that happen. It is often a useful move since it can help the work escape the "loop" in which the creative process and thought processes can often get stuck. Chance, the unconscious, personal history and random everyday events play an important role with memories sometimes feeling like events that happened in a parallel universe. I want the paintings to work on different levels including references both direct and indirect to our collective past and to our place in the cosmos.

A painting will try to suggest experiences that are beyond the work or its subject matter and can be felt as a 'perimeter of sensation' that can include other colours, shapes, textures, light and places or environments both real or imagined.